One young man
One desperate decision

Being a teenager is hard enough, but when you have a diagnosis of depression and anxiety life can feel like it is caving in on you. When you add in a new awareness of your sexuality and falling in love for the first time, life can become almost too much to bear.

Ben Harper is determined to make it all work with the help of his best friend and new love, JC Croft. But when his inner demons conspire against him, can he come out on top or will he be crushed by the pressure? 

Anguish is a heartfelt novel that deals with the many facets of coming to
terms with oneself. JJ Ellis has accomplished an exciting novel with
strong characters and a family drama where strength comes to the fore.

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Michael Croft, a sensitive, artistic teen, is trying to decipher his father's tragic and complicated legacy.
Then, life presents Michael with the opportunity to help his childhood friend Sadie. He agrees, knowing he would do anything for the girl he loves.
When tragedy strikes the young couple, Michael makes a promise that beings to tear his life apart.
But he has a guardian angel watching over him. Can his father's broken past help him face life as it should be? Or will Michael turn his back on the lessons of the past and sabotage his own peace?

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