The Harper family are pillars of their community. When Benjamin develops
depression, his family pulls together to provide support and guidance the best way they can. Benjamin also has a strong love for JC who comes
from a family who is not supportive above anything that they view as
normal. With the help of Benjamin's best friend and cousin, Abby, Ben
tries to come to terms with his feelings and his condition.

Anguish is a heartfelt novel that deals with the many facets of coming to
terms with oneself. JJ Ellis has accomplished an exciting novel with
strong characters and a family drama where strength comes to the fore.

COMING February 21, 2018

Heading 1

The following gallery contains teasers and possible covers that we were using before the book was picked up by an agent. Enjoy scrolling through to see how powerful Aguish will be.


We've decided to make these books a series! They will include -
A Promise to Sadie, Adella's Heart, Anguish, and For the Love of Riley.  And they will be called the Harper's Rock Legacy Series.

Sometimes promises are impossible to keep

Michael Croft helps his best friend Sadie Williams through one of the hardest times in her life and their lifelong friendship soon turns to something more. When tragedy comes bearing down on them, Michael makes a promise he's determined to keep. But life doesn't always goes as planned and he may not be able to keep his PROMISE TO SADIE.



Sometimes a broken heart is inevitable

Ben Croft is the local football hero and Adella Johnson is the local autistic girl who is a junior counselor at the therapy camp run by his uncle. They are worlds apart in every way but find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other. Can Ben keep from breaking ADELLA'S HEART?

We will have more info on Riley's story as it is developed! It will be a show stopper for sure. 
The covers below are being used for inspiration as we do not know what a publisher would want in regards to covers. Enjoy getting a peek at these two upcoming Young Adult titles