BIG NEWS!!! I have decided to self-publish my first YA title, Anguish! It will be released February 21, 2018. I will give more information as it becomes available! 


But before Anguish is published, I will be publishing my first M/M romance on January 16, 2018. I am very excited for you to meet JC and Trevor and hear about their love story.
How do you move on when your heart is shattered in a single, tragic moment?

James Croft fell for his one true love in high school, only to lose him to suicide. How can he move on from the tragic moment that irrevocably changed his life?

Dr. Trevor Alexander lives forhiscareer, until the day his former patient’s angry, disillusioned father walks back into his life. Suddenly, Trevor wants more.

Desperate to put the past behind him, James reluctantly decides to date the sexy doctor. But maintaining a relationship is easier said than done. Can James come to terms with his past? Can Trevor accept what his lover can never forget?

They must try, because there’s no future in the past.